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Why health and wellness?

Everyone needs it and the market is massive at $4.2 trillion and growing

The global wellness economy is being driven by the powerful movement towards healthy living.

That’s why a partnership like ours is vital: We critically evaluate the opportunities and protect your brand while developing the highest quality health & wellness products.


Visionary leadership makes a difference

For decades, we’ve been partnering with visionaries in the health & wellness industry to create a healthier world. We are committed to helping people live healthier lives and believe that making healthy choices should be easy. Our portfolio of leading doctors, visionaries, wellness icons, talent and brands makes this a reality.


A track record of success

Our partnerships make millions.

We focus on six vital needs in health and wellness: Diet, exercise, sleep, stress relief, purpose and connection. We then work with leading companies in the industry to create revolutionary consumer products in these areas that will grow and enhance your brand.

It’s all about finding the right opportunities in the thriving health and wellness space.

What We Do

Conductors of your health & wellness vision

Like an orchestra conductor, we direct many complex parts that all come together to make amazing music, or in this case, amazing health and wellness products.

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Featured Visionary

“America’s Doctor”

We began with a world renowned pioneer and leader in integrative medicine – “America’s Doctor,” Andrew Weil, M.D.

The businesses we developed around his vision and philosophies help millions of people in their daily lives while providing millions of dollars in funding for his foundation,, to enhance integrative medicine.

Featured visionary

The world’s foremost expert on herbal and botanical medicine

Tieraona Low Dog, M.D., is a physician, author, educator and thought leader in integrative medicine. A modern day medicine woman, she informs and inspires audiences around the world.

One of the nation’s leading experts in herbal medicine and dietary supplements, she has four decades of experience innovating natural products.

Featured visionary

Iconic Global Brand Dedicated to UN Sustainability Goals Takes on Kids Nutrition

The Smurfs are an award-winning, family-owned cartoon brand building happiness since 1958. With their mission driven values and purpose, they continually work to make the world a better, happier, and healthier place.

Featured visionary

The greatest fitness icon of all time is back and stronger than ever

America’s favorite fitness expert, Denise Austin has inspired millions of women to get – and stay – fit and healthy.

She helps people feel vital and energetic at all stages of life, lifting confidence and building positivity through her fitness plan website at and health & wellness products like her Denise Austin x Easy Spirit footwear collection, Walking Pad Fold & Stow Treadmill, and many more fitness products you can find her promoting on HSN.

Featured Visionary

The most popular psychiatrist in America

Dr. Amen is a true visionary in psychiatry: He introduced a whole new way of looking at brain health, changing it for the better.

By addressing the root of the problem and treating the whole person, he has found natural solutions to boost the brain, through his Amen Clinics, books, appearances, supplements and nutrition products.

Our People

Meet the team

To be the best, you have to work with the best. That’s why we’ve brought together the right people to help you achieve your vision. We’re as passionate about our job as you are about yours. Maybe it’s all the vitamins we take.

David Stoup

Chairman / CEO

Tieraona Low Dog, M.D.

Chief Medical Advisor

Jeff Willard


Francis Abeywardane

EVP Innovation & Digital

Callie Bonine

EVP Talent & Partnerships

Bob Gazis

VP Controller

Haydee Simo

Assistant Controller

Deborah Sector

Senior Marketing Director

Brianna Hughes

Client Services Assistant


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